With a proven track record of working with some of Canada’s most successful and innovative companies our professional management consulting firm specializes in

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development; Team Effectiveness Coaching; Business Strategy & Execution and Change Management.

We connect immediately and effectively with people on a different, less traditional level. Like our company logo, the Celtic knot,

we work with people integrating multiple systems in mind, body and playful spirit.

“Making the Difference that Matters” are not just words but my belief system.


From day one the platform at Oonagh O’Neill & Associates has been to help support and strategically position leaders and organizations to navigate their teams through a wide range of obstacles to successfully execute high impact business goals – but our approach is rather unique.

Making the Difference that Matters.













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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Senior Human Resources Business Consultant/Partner
  • Diverse experience that has prepared her to work with clients across many industries and levels in organizations.
  • 25 years experience working with senior leaders in large and small organizations, coaching and developing them while working with their teams towards achievement of business results.


Change Management

  • Extensive experience in working with organizations during transformational change
  • Worked in Human Resources at a time of rapid change for an organization and involved in many large scale change management initiatives affecting leaders and employees at all levels in  organizations
  • Deep knowledge of change management tools and processes making Oonagh a valuable asset to have at the table as organizations change and transform
  •  Sought after to lead change management initiatives in organizations all across Canada


Business Strategy and Execution

  • Oonagh has worked with senior leaders and their teams over the past 25 years guiding them as they build Vision, Purpose, Strategic Plans and finally Executable/Measureable Goals


Team Effectiveness Coaching

  • Training and experience in systems based team coaching
  •  Utilizes a specific objective and customizable process for increasing team effectiveness to move a team towards the results they want to achieve and towards results the organization needs them to deliver
  • Has engaged with teams at all levels of organizations in Financial Services, Academia, Energy  as well as a range of not-for-profit organizations
  • Her results speak for themselves in terms of the outcomes these teams have achieved
  • She will gladly supply a wide range of references which speak to her work in this field.



Principles of the work

Using the following Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) principles:

  •  Curiosity builds bridges.
  •  Conflict is a sign that something new is trying to happen.
  •  An intelligent team is a productive team.
  •  Change is inevitable, so lead the charge.
  • “Leader” is a role that is shared in the system.

Results of the work

Oonagh works with teams to move them towards increased effectiveness measured as follows:

    • Greater alignment towards the mandate of the organization

     • Increased trust and respect of others on the team

     • Clear, open and respectful communication

     • Ability to move through conflict constructively

     • Increased decision making effectiveness (speed and quality)

Overview of Training for Oonagh O’Neill


  • Coaches Training Institute – Co-Active coaching Core Curriculum completion
  • Center for Right Relationship – Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching - Core Curriculum completion
  • Team Diagnostic™ Assessment and coaching -  Masters Certification completion
  • Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results – Certification completion
  • Team Leadership Circle – 360⁰ feedback tool – Certification completion
  • Crucial Conversations – Certification completion

Master Facilitation

Oonagh has been professionally certified to facilitate various programs for leaders and employees of large and small corporations including Price Pritchett’s New Work Habits for a Radically Changing World, Franklin Covey leadership workshops and more recently “Crucial Conversations” workshops. She is called upon to facilitate many forms of workshops and strategic business meetings large and small.




A truly defining characteristic is Oonagh’s love of people and her generosity of time and service.

She has been involved for many years in organizations like Community Living, Make a Wish and Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry where she volunteers on the Medical Admissions interview panel annually.


And most important of all…… She is proud of her 2 beautiful daughters, Siobhan and Sarah.




Oonagh’s approach has been called ‘unconventional’ as she quickly hones in on the key targeted areas and is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to have the team open up, to be totally honest….. and identify ‘the elephant in the room’

Although her approach may be unique her results are successfully proven as supported by the many powerful testimonials she can provide.

Meet Oonagh O'Neill

We work with you in a mindful way to help you find a path forward in life, in relationship, in work

Overview of Services offered by Oonagh O’Neill & Assoc. Inc.


  • Individual, leader and executive coaching
  • Team Effectiveness Coaching – using diagnostic tools and coaching
  • Change Management consulting on large and small projects
  • Leadership Development programs – master facilitator
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Expert facilitation of large and small teams on topics ranging from strategic planning to goal setting to working with disruption in the workplace
  • Keynote Speaker on topics ranging from Individual and team effectiveness to Leadership in 21st century to working with and selling to 4 generations



“Success is measured through Understanding the PAST, Engaging the PRESENT and Embracing the FUTURE."

    Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

    Team Effectiveness Coaching

Using a fierce yet empathetic approach to coaching, Oonagh holds her clients accountable for their results. She works as hard as they do totally in service of them


Using a systems based approach to coaching, Oonagh works with teams to help them unfold where they are getting stuck; provides them with tools to increase effectiveness and ensure sustainability plans are in place for long lasting results. This approach is not team building but team effectiveness coaching!

"I have worked with Oonagh on a number of occasions over the last number of years. She has a very down-to-earth style that resonates with the team. She is always challenging the status quo to move people out of their comfort zone and come to a more fulsome conclusion to issues. Excellent facilitator on leadership and coaching courses."




SVP, Operations

Financial Services

"Oonagh and her team approach has made a remarkable shift in our organization. As a new CEO in an organization that was new to me I inherited a management team that struggled both with Positivity and Productivity in both their work and their work relationships. Oonagh became a trusted coach that worked with our team as a team to help us build trust, manage change, learn new management skills and become excited about our work. Oonagh has helped us to dramatically improve both our positivity and productivity outputs across all areas of our organization. "


Not for Profit

    Business Strategy and Execution

    Change Management

Oonagh has a keen sense of understanding how the business runs; the key levers to success and the business results her clients need. She guides them masterfully through a series of facilitated engagements towards the results they are looking for.

All too often organizations embark on large transformational change initiatives, set up a large program structure of project management to guide and direct the work that needs to be done and all too often forget about the structured set of activities that need to be undertaken to successfully move their people through the change to the new desired state. Oonagh has led many such large change management initiatives and has been called upon by the same clients to guide this work for them.


"Oonagh is in a class all on her own! She has a unique ability to guide individuals and teams to the highest levels of effectiveness. She can operate at both the strategic and operational levels - seamlessly transitioning as required. There is no organization that will not benefit from working with Oonagh!"

Chief Global Internal Auditor

Financial Services Company

"I have worked with Oonagh on a number of organizational change management engagements at multiple companies, and can highly recommend Oonagh’s comprehensive and enthusiastic approach to organizational change. Oonagh is professional, energetic, a creative thinker, and an excellent problem-solver. Oonagh possesses and applies a unique set of capabilities in executive coaching, leadership development and mentoring, and change management concepts. She ensures that all levels of an organization understand how they influence and shape the change, how the change impacts them, and the steps the organization needs to adapt to achieve their desired strategic imperatives."

VP, IT Strategic Operations





Every day brings a new beginning; a new and different you to show up and be fierce in this world

“A sense of playfulness is the best defense against taking yourself too seriously!"

                                                                                                                     Peter Kai Chang

When you engage us this is what you can expect:

A Fresh Approach

Times have changed and so have Consulting Techniques

When working with us you will experience NEW and more effective innovative techniques tools that will get you to a faster, longer term solution

An ACTION Orientation

Focusing on Getting it Done is our Platform

As a true partner we are there for you not only in the initial consulting stages but staying with you through execution and beyond.

Saying NO for a Bigger YES

Distinguishing between Urgent and Important, Long-Term vs Short-Term Value and Visionary vs Realistic is Key in Today’s world.

Let us help you to stay focused and guide you through making sure your priorities are understood, embraced and rigorously executed.

Incredibly High Standards

We Demand More from Ourselves than Others

In today’s business environment the need to act quickly and effectively is crucial – we get that.

We do our homework and approach each requirement with a sense of urgency and a focus on going above and beyond what is expected – always!

Stepping into the Breach

When the Going gets Tough ….We Are There

No matter where the process takes the team we are there supporting and guiding them every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

An Obsession for Creating a Positive Client Experience

We Listen First, Ask Questions …. and then Listen Again and Again and Again

Our success is proven by us thoroughly understanding and for being there for our clients for the long term and for the various challenges that they face.

Creating a powerful experience in all that we do is our focus; being referred positively to others is our goal.


The Elephant in the Room

We have the courage to say what needs to be said and to then help put in place the corrective actions needed to service your business needs and goals.

Making the Difference that Matters

We are in Business to Bring Meaning to Yours!

Our testimonials speak to our passion, our energy, our vitality and commitment to make a strong contribution.

We focus on wanting to make a positive difference in both your business and personal life overall.


Take the time every day to stop and find the beauty in the world and the people around you

Key tools that Oonagh uses.

Co-Branded - TDA.pdf



A) The Rise of Teams (From Deloitte University Press – Global Human Capital trends 2016)

As companies strive to be more agile and customer focused, organizations are shifting their structures from traditional functional models toward interconnected, flexible teams.

A new organizational model is on the rise: a ‘network’ of teams in which companies build and empower teams to work on specific projects and challenges (agile teams). These teams come together for short periods of time to tackle a problem, then disband and move on to new assignments once the project is complete.


This new program has sweeping implications, forcing programs such as leadership development, performance management, learning and career progression to adapt.



B) Context of teams (excerpt from Team Coaching International)

• Teams exist to produce results – measured by ability to produce results over time

• The way team members are with one another influences the quality and output of results

• System of a team exists as a culture – unwritten rules; beliefs; values; approved behaviours; ‘how things are done around here’

• System of the team is bigger, stronger and more durable than any one individual



C) Relationship Systems Intelligence™ (RSI)

RSI includes and transcends Emotional Social Intelligence (ESI) pioneered by Daniel Goleman and others. RSI starts with an understanding of oneself, (Emotional Intelligence) moves on to include an understanding of other’s emotional experience (Social Intelligence) and culminates with the ability to identify with and collaborate with groups, teams, communities and other social systems (Relationship Systems Intelligence™). It is this final evolution, RSI, which catalyzes the capacity of teams and groups to move beyond the personal to a powerfully generative group identity. Individuals and organizations vary in their level of RSI. Some may need to work on strengthening Emotional Intelligence, others may need training in Social Intelligence and more advanced clients are ready to work with Relationship Systems intelligence™. Together the three forms of Intelligence create flexible, resilient individuals and teams.



Leadership 101 – everything a leader should know



Set a Vision and talk about it all the time – use every conversation to articulate your   vision


Be clear on your purpose – “What is the specific job your clients have hired you to do?” – be really clear about this and advocate for this


Articulate a set of values that are part of your core belief system and that of the team you work with…not just the politically correct ones…’Don’t whine’ is an example of a refreshing    value


Your work is divided into Transactional (day to day business operational activities) and Transformational (those activities you engage in that will move your organization from one level to the next). You need to develop a game plan (strategy) for your transformational work and schedule time to do it otherwise the whirlwind of the transactional will steal that time away


Be clear on your expectations of your people – both work and behaviours


Meet with your people frequently


Model the behaviours you expect – always – you are being watched


Model High Trust behaviours


Be sure always on what your leader expects of you – keep the communication channels open – meet with them frequently – watch for patterns of meetings being canceled – change the day and time to ensure minimal cancellations


Find the right balance of strategic and being in the weeds (too far removed or too close to the work) – if 2 of you are working on the same issue then one of you is unnecessary


Always be looking for your successor – hire your replacement not your clone


Ensure your systems and processes align with what you are trying to achieve (recruitment; performance management; compensation; meetings; communication)


E-mail is not the optimal form of communication and it certainly does nothing to build, manage or repair relationships


Keep close counsel – be sure you are talking about the right topics with the right people – be careful of building a reputation of low trust because of ‘loose conversations’ you may have


Leadership can be a lonely position – find a mentor and spend time with them in close conversations – set it up properly – ask them to mentor and set boundaries for the relationship


Continue to access coaching


Continue to read books and articles about leadership


Schedule time to develop yourself in leadership


Ensure you are involved in one formal leadership development program/course annually


Watch what your Level 3 is telling people – some people have very powerful Level 3 and don’t know it


Articulate your intent in conversations so it is not misconstrued


And lastly floss every day!